100% Completion Guide For Red Dead Redemption 2 (2024)

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a truly massive game filled with secrets at every turn. Obtaining 100% completion in any open world game can be a nightmare, but Rockstar Games made sure to avoid this being the case in RDR2.

Thing is, players are not required to see everything Red Dead Redemption 2 has to offer in order to achieve 100% completion and obtain the related Trophy on PlayStation 4 and Achievement on Xbox One.

Still, there’s still quite a lot to do. Some of the requirements for 100% will be met automatically while playing the story, while others require players to go out of their way to find a certain number of weapons, hunt wanted men and women, and more.

In this guide, we will cover everything that has to be done to achieve the coveted 100% completion in Red Dead Redemption 2. It includes some spoilers for obvious reasons, so avoid reading it in full if you have yet to complete the game.

Missions and Events

This section is self-explanatory as it keeps track of completed story missions and events, including Strangers’ missions and random events. To clear this category, players must complete all 107 story missions and,at least, 10 Stranger mission quests, clear at least five Bounty Hunter missions, experience 25 Chance Encounters, survive a Gang Ambush, and clear out all Gang Hideouts.

Most of these objectives are cleared simply by playing through the story. Chance Encounters happen quite often, and so do Gang Ambushes. Completing Stranger missions quests, Bounty Hunter missions and clearing Gang Hideouts are the only objectives that require players going off the beaten path, but they are easily achievable.


This is where things become more complicated and time-consuming. In order to clear this section, players must find at least one point of interest and make a sketch of it, find the nine graves of fellow gang members, complete at least one set of Cigarette Cards and complete the “A Test of Faith”, “A Fisher of Fish”, “duch*esses and Other Animals”, “Geology for Beginners“, and “A Better World, a New Friend” missions. Completing at least one treasure hunt and finding all 20 Dreamcatchers are also required.

As already stated, this is where things become more time-consuming. Completing a set of Cigarette Cards can take some time, as cards can be obtained randomly by opening Premium Cigarette Packs or by finding them at specific locations found all over the map, as does the completion of all the missions, finding all Dreamcatchers and completing a treasure hunt.


Another time-consuming section, but, thankfully, not as time-consuming as the Collectables. To clear the Compendium, players must study 50 different animals, obtain 10 different equipment items, fish 10 different species of fish, discover all gangs, discover 10 different horse breeds, discover 20 different plant types and obtain 48 weapons.

If you’re hunting a lot, studying 50 different animals shouldn’t be a problem, neither should should fishing 10 different species of fish if you enjoy fishing.

The 10 equipment items requirements should also be cleared without much difficulty. Discovering 48 weapons is definitely more time consuming, but we got you covered with our own All Weapons Locations guide.

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To clear the Player section, players must improve Arthur’s Health, Stamina and Dead Eye to the maximum, achieve Level 4 bonding with a horse and complete all challenges.

Increasing Arthur stats to the maximum isn’t difficult, but requires a little patience, as players need to perform actions that drain the bars to increase it, such as shooting enemies and animals with Dead Eye active, running to consume stamina and so on.

Achieving Level 4 bonding with a horse is quite easy as well: just taking good care of it is enough to achieve that with ease.

Completing Challenges is definitely the most time consuming objective to clear. Challenges are divided into several different categories – Bandit, Explorer, Gambler, Herbalist, Horseman, Master Hunter, Sharpshooter, Survivalist and Weapons Expert – and require players to perform a variety of tasks, many of them not particularly straightforward.


Outside of a couple of objectives, the miscellaneous requirements are quite simple to clear.

To complete this category players must discover 5 Shacks, kill 5 Legendary Animals, play each mini-game (such as Poker or Five-Finger Fillet) at least once, interact with 5 special characters, take a bath at least once, see a show at least once, craft a recipe of each category – ammo, meals, tonics, throwable weapons, horse care and hunting items – and perform all robbery types – shop, home coach and train.

Of these objectives, the most difficult is definitely interacting with at least 5 special characters. These characters have specific requirements like time and locations, and searching for them blindly will not yield any result.

Killing 5 Legendary Animals also requires some effort, as using regular hunting techniques is not possible with them. All the other objectives are pretty straightforward, and there’s a good chance that they will be cleared by the end of the story.

100% Completion Guide For Red Dead Redemption 2 (2024)
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