Board of Education Spends $782 Million a Year on Contracts They Never See. Many are No Bid, Some Don't Even Have Actual Written Contracts. @mocoboe (2024)


At most Montgomery County Board of Education meetings there is a Consent Agenda. The Consent Agenda is for items that are supposed to be routine. They are typically Resolutions asking the Board of Education to approve purchases.

A vast number of these purchases are not put out for competitive bids. The Board of Education is just told by the Superintendent to approve these purchases without question.

The Board of Education isn't even given the contracts to support these purchases.

Over the years we've seen Resolutions presented to the Board of Education with obvious errors, omissions andillegal actions. We've seen Resolutions that did not have any supporting contracts. We've seen the Board of Education approve "extensions" of previous contracts where the price of the item has increased, and yet, MCPS does not explain why they could not put out the purchase for a competitive bid in search of a better price. (More, more, more, andmore)

We've seen the Montgomery County Inspector General report on a MCPS contract that had no terms and referenced "bridging" a contract when MCPS administrators didn't actually bridge the contract.

In Fiscal Year 2023 there was$782,623,377 in unmonitored spending. The Board of Education has absolutely no idea if these costs are justified or prudent. See the full list below.


MCPS Spending for FY 2023* (Last full fiscal year of data)

The data below is a list of MCPSvendors that received payments of$25,000 or more during fiscal year 2023.

*By the way, if you want to see this data on the MCPS website use the link above. MCPS has removed the direct link to this information from their website home page because, you know, transparency.

11400 Inc$546,577

365 Interpreting Services LLC$83,458

3P Health LLC$110,863

4Imprint Inc$237,748

5Starr Enterprise LLC$30,000

72 Hour LLC$69,304

ABDO Publishing Company$105,727

ACCO Brands Corporation$51,355

AccuLine Enterprises Inc$30,400

Acme Mechanical Contractors of Virginia Inc$39,710

Acme Paper & Supply Co Inc$1,558,233

ADM Enterprises Group Inc$110,264

ADT Commercial LLC$130,991

ADTEK Engineers Inc$26,425

Adventist HealthCare Inc$1,494,863

Adventures by Dawn LLC$26,590

Aireco Supply Inc$335,795

Alan Tye & Associates LC$179,048

All American Protective Services LLC$65,074

All Roads Kenworth LLC$143,187

Allegis Group Holdings, Inc.$42,485

Allied Rentals Inc$40,866

Allsafe Elevator Inspections LLC$60,639

ALTA IT Services LLC$447,180

Amber Enterprises Inc$844,933

American Design Associates Inc$429,466

American Environmental Enterprises Inc$149,290

American Medical Staffing$857,368

American Minority General Contractors$31,102

American Tennis Courts Inc$1,097,159

AMN Allied Services LLC$30,675

Amplify Education Inc$1,324,522

Anne Arundel Co Public School$64,764

Anne Arundel Fire Inspection Inc$357,831

AON Consulting Inc$169,758

Apex Companies LLC$47,743

Apex Petroleum Corporation$56,851

Apple Inc$677,637

Applications Software Technology LLC$4,262,284

Applied Acoustical Sciences Inc$127,288

Aries Building Systems LLC$1,346,522

Ark Systems Inc$41,184

Artistic Concepts Group Inc$30,976

Artpreneurs Inc$85,508

Ascend Learning Holdings, LLC$38,790

Associated Catholic Charities, Inc.$29,856

Associated Professional Rehabilitation Services Inc$482,012

Assure the Future Inc$40,140

AT&T Mobility II LLC$343,164

AT&T Mobility LLC$204,591

ATC Healthcare Services Inc$109,677

Atera Prime Inc$26,360

ATI Holdings LLC$275,733

Atlantech Online Inc$1,051,486

Automatic Nursing Care Services, Inc$271,363

Automotive Support Services Inc$114,478

Avant Assessment LLC$34,487

Avossa, Robert$80,800

Aztec Software LLC$28,344

Aztech Datasystems Inc$142,005

B & H Foto & Electronics Corp$333,907

B&B Concepts Inc$302,158

B. W. Wilson Paper Company, Inc.$299,255

Baldwin Line Construction of Maryland Inc$321,068

Banc of America Public Capital Corp$31,269,890

Baptist Convention of MD/DE$297,755

Barnes & Noble Booksellers, Inc.$276,784

Barwood Management LLC$42,217

Bates Trucking Company Inc$67,659

Bell TechLogix Inc$2,466,738

Bellwether Media Inc$64,453

Benchmark Education Company LLC$1,285,085

Benedictine School$943,975

Benefit Strategies LLC$223,097


BirdBrain Technologies LLC$31,763

Blackboard Inc.$329,756

Blick Art Materials LLC$55,198

Board of Child Care of the United Methodist Church Inc$215,212

Board of Education of Baltimore County$34,325

Board of Education of Queen Anne's County$25,533

Board Of Education Prince George's$54,059

Bob McCloskey Agency LLC$56,806

Bobs Overhead Door Repair & Service Inc$115,897

Boiler & Furnace Cleaners Inc$510,096

Boland Trane Services Inc$1,457,639

Bowen, Dion$61,000

Bowie State University$141,696

Bowings & Huber LLC$449,454

Bowman Sales & Equipment Inc$115,634

Boxx Modular Inc$30,462

Briggs Chaney Walk in Clinic LLC$93,250

Bright Morning Consulting Inc$39,641

Brightly Software Inc$198,901

BrightView Holdings Inc$383,470

Brook Lane Behavioral Services Inc$1,014,817

Brook Lane Health Services Inc$1,022,738

Buch Construction Inc$68,998

Buenos Amigos Daycare LLC$34,317

Bunn LLC$61,758

Burmax Company Inc$52,489

Bus Patrol America LLC$5,713,619

Business Software Inc$37,076

Busy Service Inc$66,414

Butterball LLC$79,764

C&C Manufacturing Inc$30,492

C&D Recovery LLC$44,622

C. Archer and Associates LLC$49,849

C. N. Robinson Lighting Supply Co Inc$210,896

Calfed Financial Corp$294,786

Calico Packaging LLC$472,268

Campus Survival Kits LLC$54,615

Canon Financial Services Inc$210,612

Canon Solutions America Inc$180,246

Capital Compressor Inc$30,785

Capitol Document Solutions LLC$861,671

Capp Inc$108,692

Cargill Kitchen Solutions Inc$59,116

Cargill Meat Solutions Corporation$106,556

Carney, Kelehan, Bresler, Bennett & Scherr LLP$543,059

Carolina Biological Supply Co$115,329

Cascade School Supplies$56,022

CDW LLC$42,742,448

Cengage Learning, Inc.$181,055

Centennial Contractors Enterprises, Inc.$51,367

Center for Applied Linguistics$298,369

Center for Autism and Related Disorders LLC$116,737

Center for Teaching for Biliteracy$127,000

Central Jersey Office Equipment Inc.$321,307

Chelsea School$444,318

Chesapeake Communications Inc$161,862

Chesapeake Region Safety Coucil Inc$25,640

Chesapeake Treatment Centers$33,471

Cidi Labs LLC$49,500

Cintas Corporation No 2$396,285

Citiroof Corp$2,394,063

City Of Gaithersburg, Maryland$50,687

City Of Rockville$370,949

Clark Azar & Associates Inc$211,672

Clayworks Supplies Inc$102,161

CliftonLarsonAllen LLP$175,000

Clinton Learning Solutions LLC$35,868

Coastal Acquisition Corporation$1,466,987

Cole Roofing Co Inc$1,909,272

College Board$717,559

CollegeTracks, Inc$650,000

Colonial Equipment Company$28,209

Colossal Contractors, Inc$1,162,253

Colt Insulation Inc$49,000


Commissioners Of Poolesville$73,485

Community Products LLC$111,530

Community Services for Autistic Adults and Children$2,278,529

Community Support Services Inc$2,802,141


Consigli Construction Co Inc$668,807

Control Sources LLC$1,375,706

Cooper Building Services LLC$146,674

Corbett Technology Solutions Inc$210,265

Corbey, Kelly$40,557


Coughlan Companies LLC$498,107

Country Pure Foods, Inc.$151,970

Craig Gaulden & Davis Inc$272,041

Crisis Prevention Institute Inc$129,911

Criswell Chevrolet Inc$286,415

Criswell Performance Imports Inc$48,320

Cromwell Contracting LLC$154,622

Culinary Ventures Maryland$54,793

Cummins Inc$129,172

Curriculum Associates LLC$568,653

D & F Construction Co Inc$106,964

Daboter Inc$60,194

Daikin Applied Americas Inc$498,728

Dairy Maid Dairy LLC$4,064,920

Daktronics Inc$87,844

Data Networks of America Inc$4,809,071

Dawkins Management Inc$191,370

DC Approved Basketball Officials Inc$33,820

Defined Learning LLC$32,500

Delaware Elevator Inc$185,803

Delcoline Inc$38,102

Dell Marketing LP$374,829

Delmar Architects PA$470,717

Delta General Services Inc$36,168

DeltaMath Solutions Inc$74,767

Demco Inc$82,432

Dempsey Uniform and Linen Supply$48,582

Denver-Elek Inc$5,394,368

Design Collective Inc$310,806

Design Teams Inc$64,500

DG Investment Intermediate Holdings 2 Inc$46,888

DGS Educational Products$228,848

Didax Inc$64,274

District of Columbia Government$65,296

Diversified Educational Systems Inc$124,196

DLR Group of DC PC$313,629

DLT Solutions LLC$40,319

Dollamur LP$27,420

Donald B Rice Tire Co Inc$660,397

Dori Foods Inc$100,378

Douron Inc$5,863,717

Dreambox Learning$90,455

DS Services of America Inc$154,090

DuBois Construction Inc$3,093,910

Dustin Construction Inc$72,124,711

E&R Services Inc$182,095

E.A.R.N Contractors Inc$356,620

EAI Security Systems Inc$73,183

East West Telecommunications Inc$298,987

Ecolab Inc$34,275

edmentum Inc$596,305

Edupoint Educational Systems LLC$1,677,142

EdutainmentLIVE LLC$33,625

EIS Office Solutions Inc$107,142

El Dorado Trading Group Inc$36,168

Elcon Enterprises Inc$659,305

Electric Entertainment LLC$44,090

Electude USA LLC$40,995

EMH Environmental Inc$1,373,919

Empire Landscape LLC$1,172,312

Encyclopaedia Britannica Inc.$77,534

Enel X Advisory Services North America Inc$114,300

Enel X North America, Inc$54,600

EnergyCAP LLC$84,082

Engineering Consulting Services LTD$62,645

Enterprise Holdings Inc$133,707

Entwistle Enterprises LLC$33,367

Envy Brands$190,314

EPS Operations LLC$51,392

Equal Opportunity Schools$250,885

Eric Armin Inc$31,909

ES Foods Inc$53,357

ESJ Renaissance OB Westech LLC$129,701

Espina Paving Inc$587,002

EveryMind Inc$70,000

Exelon Corporation$4,046,637

ExploreLearning, LLC$182,694

Ey, Crystal$29,400

Facility Engineering Associates PC$100,000

Falcon Security LLC$26,000

Family Services Inc$153,445

Ferguson US Holdings Inc$735,793

Ferrell Lawn Care LLC$74,250

Finley Asphalt and Concrete Inc$301,949

Fisher Scientific Company, LLC$199,995

Fit and Fun Playscapes LLC$25,264

Fitz Flooring LLC$215,311

FleetPride Inc$70,311

Flinn Scientific Inc$49,197

Florida League Of IB Schools$40,200

Flyleaf Publishing LLC$40,282

Follett Content Solutions LLC$1,284,171

Follett Corporation$446,751

Food Pro Corp$722,794

Form Plastics Company$509,000

FPC Holdings, Inc$54,093

Franklin Covey Client Sales Inc$3,471,178

Funds For Learning LLC$58,000

FWD Media Inc$227,226

G E Richards Graphic Supplies of MD Inc$37,993

Gabriel Roeder Smith & Company$93,783

Gaithersburg Farmers Supply Inc$685,303

Gambrills Equipment Co Inc$161,445

Game Day Inc$370,570

Gateway Education Holdings LLC$241,297

General Mills Finance Inc$624,864

Gill Group Inc$30,969

Glennco Inc$185,108

Global Engineering Solutions$50,274

Global Equipment Co$28,371

Global Payments Inc$110,131

Goel Services Inc$188,387

Gold Creek Foods LLC$536,346

Gold Standard Consulting LLC$398,446

Gold Star Foods$374,251

Good Source Solutions Inc$64,140

Goodman Food Products Inc$85,451

Government Finance Officers$53,188

Grafton School Inc$46,616

Great Books Foundation$221,639

Great Minds PBC$2,675,752

Greater Washington Community Foundation$125,000

Greenwood Publishing Group Inc$29,511

Grimm & Parker Architecture Inc$1,696,920

Growing Solutions LLC$59,412

Guitar Center Stores Inc$348,808

Gurian Institute LLC$28,500

H&S Distribution LLC$585,300

Hadley Farms Inc$522,626

hand2mind Inc$29,940

Happy Valley Intermediate Holdco Inc$67,265

Harbour School$341,649

Harmony School Corporation$73,155

Hartman Electric LLC$44,478

Havtech Parts Division LLC$53,494

Havtech Service Division LLC$224,547

HCGI Hartford Inc$1,248,309

Heartline Fitness Products, Inc$36,556

Henley Construction Co Inc$22,189,904

Henry Schein Inc$42,092

Hercules Fence Of Maryland LLC$263,393

Herman Born & Sons Inc$160,075

Hershey Creamery Company$231,871

Hertzberg-New Method Inc$34,864

Hess Construction Company, LLC$112,011,405

HET MCPS LLC$3,330,250

Heyman Mailing Service Inc$27,675

High Liner Foods Inc$40,739

HIS Sign LLC$203,056

HMH Supplemental Publishers Inc$84,000

Hogan Lovells US LLP$96,284

Home Depot USA Inc$221,526

Home Health Connection Inc$277,750

Hood College$207,990

Hormel Foods Sales LLC$48,783

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company$527,262

HYA Corporation$53,278

Hydro-Tech Irrigation Company$68,370

IBM Corporation$53,336

Identity Inc$298,325

Imagination Stage Inc$26,944

Imagination Station Inc.$119,685

Imagine Learning LLC$1,031,565

iMonza Inc$44,341

Improving Education Inc$164,555

Independent Hardware Inc$172,283

Infobase Holdings Inc$174,903

Infor (US) Inc$365,008

Inspection Experts Inc$107,944

Institute for Multi-Sensory Education LLC$446,018

Instructure Inc$885,100

Intac Inc$266,488

Intelitek Inc$56,220

Intellias Inc$43,155

International Baccalaureate$285,885

International Food Solutions Inc$102,595

Interstate Corporation$4,525,804

Interstate Office Supply$129,209


Ivymount School$7,272,306

IXL Learning Inc$41,225

J & M Truck Repairs$28,411

J Appleseed Inc$40,903

J&J Snack Food Sales Corp$55,543

J&S Plan B LLC$367,371

J. Gilbert Inc$32,088

J.B.A. Consulting Engineers Inc$200,435

J.G. Parks & Son$1,425,809

Jackson Lewis PC$48,693

Jackson, McChell$28,260

James Posey Associates Inc$377,393

JB Contracting Inc$85,910

JemiSun Healthcare Services Inc$96,353

Jewish Social Service Agency$211,754

JKM Music Group LLC$40,335

Johnson & Towers Inc$55,468

Johnson Controls US Holdings LLC$367,165

Johnson Truck Center LLC$915,501

Joseph Heil Company Inc$294,616

Jostens Inc$59,574

JPG Plumbing and Mechanical Services Inc$244,947

JPMorgan Chase Bank. N.A.$9,848,293

JTM Provisions Company, Inc$167,935

Junior Achievement of Greater Washington$208,360

K Neal International Trucks Inc$169,908

K&M Supply Inc$372,636

Kane, Derrick J$59,400

KCI Technologies Inc$334,466

Keller Brothers Inc$63,215,130

Kellogg Sales Co$671,590

Kelly Generator & Equipment Inc$180,084

Kendall Hunt Publishing Co$91,727

Kennedy Krieger Education and Community Services Inc$5,533,794

Keswick School LLC$164,900

KEV Group Inc$159,600

KickUp Inc$93,294

Kids Discover$479,511

Kingmor Supply Inc$219,380

Kingsman Holdings Inc$168,360

Konica Minolta Business Solutions USA Inc$52,646

Kramer, Ethan$170,686

L&R Enterprises, Inc$218,961

Lab School Of Washington$753,166

Lakeshore Equipment Company$371,825

Lakeshore Parent LLC$386,786

Land O'Lakes Inc$87,782

Language Line Services, Inc$481,091

Lanier Electronics Group Inc$118,568

Latham Centers Inc$293,280

Lavinia Group LLC$696,529

Learning Tree International USA Inc$86,898

Lectures de France Inc$31,531

LEGO Brand Retail, Inc$273,975

Leisure Craft Inc$85,885

Lenovo Inc$2,537,839

Leonard Paper Co$71,159

LessonPix Inc$34,884

Let's Do Lunch Inc$685,598

Levine Music Inc$72,375

Lexia Learning Systems LLC$652,902

Lexia Voyager Sopris Inc$299,348

Lifeworks (US) Ltd.$438,094

Lightbox Learning Inc$32,216

Lighting Maintenance Inc$122,446

Lincoln Library Press Inc$33,693

Lindsay Ford LLC$1,460,759

LinkedIn Corporation$27,725

Linwood Center Inc$167,306

LJ CBG Acquisition Company$74,994

Longroad Energy Holdings LLC$117,165

Love Educational Services LLC$25,000

LRP Publications$27,629

Luminace Aggregator LLC$139,474

M T Laney Company Inc$46,306

M&M Welding & Fabricators$3,058,727

Mackin Book Co$31,537

Macmillan Holdings LLC$250,501

Maggin Construction Co Inc$1,223,235

Magnolia Plumbing Inc$478,155

Main Line Real Properties LP$65,567

Mallick Mechanical Contractors Inc$564,827

Mansfield Oil Company of Gainesville Inc$11,607,238

Manson Western LLC$61,012

Marriott Hotel Services Inc$69,242

Marson Foods LLC$283,945

Maryland Association of Boards of Education$33,880

Maryland Department Education$127,668

Maryland Department of Health Regional Institute for Children & Adolescents$222,312

Maryland Diaper Bank$100,000

Maryland Music Educators Assoc$41,802

Maryland Salem Children's Trust Inc$25,854

Maryland School For The Deaf$47,815

Maryland Soccer Foundation, Inc.$76,920

Maryland Sound International Holding Co$59,314

Maryland State Youth Soccer Association$133,840

Maryland Treatment Centers Inc$64,022

Maryland Unemployment Ins Adm$40,045

Maryland-National Capital Park & Planning Commission$65,450

Marzetti Frozen Pasta Inc$37,248

Master Care Flooring Inc$146,333

Maxxess Systems Inc$75,235

McCain Foods USA Inc$547,861

McCormick Insulation Supply$28,499

McDaniel College Inc$240,159

McDonough Bolyard Peck Inc$30,425

McGrath RentCorp$1,624,137

McGraw-Hill Education Inc$296,682

Mdingi, Emmanuel$70,386

Mead Tree & Turf Care Inc$161,920

Medical Access PC$49,133

Meridian Construction Co Inc$36,271

Metro Metal Services Inc$912,366

Meyer Material Handling Products Inc$38,370

MG Auto Glass Inc$128,290

Michigan Dessert Corporation$96,212

Microsoft Corporation$161,886

Midwest Shop Supplies Inc$33,449

MIK Industries Inc$415,121

Mileham & King Inc$26,291

Miles & Stockbridge PC$52,305

Mitel Business Systems Inc$345,707

Mobile Communications America Inc$54,717

MOCO KidsCo Inc$2,594,698

Modern Door & Equipment Sales Inc$110,314

Modular Genius Inc$937,033

Montgomery College$2,861,026

Morgan Lewis & Bockius LLP$113,414

Morin Distribution Inc$30,467

Moseley Architects of Maryland Inc$563,411

Motir Services Inc.$109,862

Motorola Solutions Inc$59,536

MPS Healthcare Inc$100,056

Mr. Elton McIntosh$51,930

MTFA Architecture PLLC$377,122

Multicorp Fire Protection Services LLC$54,955

Multi-Health Systems Inc$66,924

Mythics, Inc$331,179

N2Y LLC$221,757

Nardone Brothers Baking Company Inc$335,029

Nasco Education LLC$57,264

Nashville Medical & EMS Products Inc$33,945

National Center On Institution & Alternatives$97,576

National Food Group Inc$123,418

National Rehabilitation Hospital Inc$659,808

National Seating & Mobility Inc$56,598

National Speech & Language Therapy Center Inc$106,680

NCS Pearson Incorporated$347,692

Nearpod Inc$26,500

Netcom Technologies Inc$2,953,050

Nevco Sports LLC$247,963

Newsela Inc$40,105

Nexus Woodbourne Family Healing$140,468

Nichols Contracting Inc$165,871

NOA Architecture Planning Interiors LLC$63,868

Noland Company$30,235

Normoyle, Richard M$31,625

Northern Virginia Supply Inc$199,987

NorthStar Contracting Group Inc$57,735

Northwest Evaluation Association$979,232

Norton Land Design LLC$52,075

Notable Inc$218,750

Notre Dame of Maryland University Inc$281,916

Oak Contracting LLC$16,081,109

Octagon Services Inc$38,249

Old Line Construction Inc$368,089

Optimizely North America Inc$367,067

Oracle America Inc$2,481,285

Orndorff & Spaid Inc$1,653,614

OTC Brands Inc$51,909

OverDrive Inc$148,587

PAPCO Inc$479,652

Parallax Inc$37,003

Para-Med Medical Transportation Inc$97,550

Paramount Mechanical Corp$982,083

Parts Authority LLC$97,840

Pathways Schools$596,193

Pear Deck Inc$160,000

Penske Truck Leasing Co LP$214,483


Perfection Learning Corporation$353,513

Performance Controls LLC$105,365

Peripole Inc$45,814

Perkins Eastman Architects DPC$213,555

Peterson Farm Fresh Inc$425,909

Petroleum Recovery & Remediation Management Inc$213,063

Phillips Programs$2,026,997

Pinnacle Venue Services LLC$40,109

Pivot Athletic Training LLC$222,285

PlayCore Wisconsin Inc$30,479

Playground Specialists Inc$1,700,876

Plexus Installations Inc$442,871

Policy Studies Associates, Inc$25,096

Potomac Edison$934,079

PowerSchool Holdings LLC$2,502,878

President and Fellows of Harvard College$41,000

Press4Kids Inc$128,597

Prevost Construction Inc$2,405,814

Procom Communications LLC$575,058

Procon Consulting LLC$37,191

Pro-Ed Inc$35,908

Professional Startup and Operating Services Inc$158,752

Proffitt & Associates Architects, PC$440,469

Project Lead The Way Inc$434,229

ProQuest LLC$112,527

Psychological Assessment Resources Inc$46,331

Pyramid Paper Company$1,815,519

Quadient Inc$203,705

Quality One Care Home Health Inc$46,310 LLC$208,320

R D Bean Inc$1,535,198

R.W. Warner Inc$2,127,045

Radio Systems Inc$27,796

Radon Abatement Services$46,450

Rasix Computer Center Inc$664,763

RDA Corporation$393,334

Really Good Stuff LLC$130,528

Really Great Reading LLC$3,556,329

Recovery Point Systems Inc$792,168

Redbird Flight Simulations Inc$30,870

Regency Cab Inc$337,756

Reginald S Lourie Center for Infants & Young Children Inc$1,028,420

Rehab 2 Perform LLC$160,000

Reider, Kelly$77,363

Rescue One Training for Life Inc$512,827

Research For Better Teaching Inc$125,560

REthinc Inc$74,805

Reynolds Consulting Engineers Inc$121,260

Rich Holdings Inc$705,713

Riverside Assessments LLC$44,440

RK Payroll Solutions Inc$275,114

Rochester 100 Inc$50,323

Rockville Color LLC$44,156

Rockville MD II SGF LLC$5,992,261

Rodriguez, Kathleen M$52,865

Rolyn LLC$206,763

Rosen Publishing Group$84,388

RRMM Architects PC$640,623

RSC Electrical & Mechanical Contractors Inc$57,317

RT MacKenzie Inc$45,931

S Freedman & Sons Inc$2,657,511

S&E Paper Inc$123,146

Safeguard Business Systems Inc$31,330

Safeware Inc$34,078

Samaha Associates PC$419,515

Scantron Corporation$30,911

Scenario Learning LLC$69,605

Schneider Electric IT Corporation$34,234

Scholastic Inc$151,451

Scholastic Library Publishing$131,378

School Datebooks Inc$56,551

School Specialty LLC$862,041

Schwan's Food Service Inc$892,157

Sempco Inc$213,960

Senseware Inc$6,220,000

Service Photo Supply Inc$53,697

Service Tire Truck Center Inc$402,954

Servpro Of Rockville-Olney Inc$214,014

SFMS LLC$43,762

SGM Bindery Inc$45,637

Shapiro & Duncan Inc$200,072

Sheffield Pottery, Inc$75,924

Shelton, Karina$41,371

Shenzhen Ssjy Tech Co Ltd$28,310

Sheppard Pratt Non-Contracted Services LLC$7,975,966

Shireen Realty Investments LLC$232,803

Shorehaven Inc$1,297,153

Sigman & Summerfield Associates Inc$240,985

Singer Equipment Company Inc$480,447

Skanska USA Building Inc$7,707,954

Smith & Haines Inc$1,900,155

Smolen Emr Ilkovitch Architects Inc$424,686

Smucker Foodservice Inc$265,211

Snap-On Industrial$86,119

Soliant Health LLC$61,354

SONIC LLC$60,362

Sonny Merryman Inc$5,383,749

Sonova USA Inc$76,201

Southern Air Inc$138,524

Southern Utilities Co Inc$124,174

Specialized Education of MD Inc$1,394,515

St Elizabeth School$958,622

Stage Rigging Services Inc$59,171

Stanbury Uniforms LLC$38,983

Standard Graphics Mid-Atlantic Inc$28,802

Stantec Architecture Inc$2,812,503

Staples Inc$4,265,089

Stark & Keenan, A Professional Assocation$40,966

State of Maryland$1,042,119

Steel Products Inc$36,515

Steve Weiss Music Inc$63,089

Stormwater Management Facilities Repair Group Inc$417,195

Story Tapestries Inc$30,200

Strathmore Hall Foundation Inc$119,780

Stryder Corp$107,306

Summit Energy Services Inc$395,000

Sunbelt Rentals Inc$1,171,042

Superior Supply Ltd$1,286,313

Superior Text$61,226

SupportEd LLC$366,086

Sweeney Brothers Inc$238,704

Sweetwater Sound Inc$26,361

Syn-Tech Systems Inc$143,388

Takoma Tree Experts Inc$35,935

Talent Assessment Inc$35,531

TAN Fire Alarms LLC$597,937

Tasty Brands LLC$169,054

TCA Architects LLC$133,205

Teacher Created Materials Inc$26,532

TeachNow Inc$33,200

Teamwork Crew Limited$29,468

Terraform Solar XVIII LLC$99,830

TestOut Corportation$27,720

TEX-AM Construction Co Inc$122,701

Texthelp Inc$194,604

TFH USA Ltd$36,535

The Arrow Project$144,913

The Best Battery Company Inc$233,053

The Cadmus Group LLC$34,957

The Children's Guild Inc$588,891

The Child's World Inc$29,281

The Discovery Source Inc$56,399

The Foundation Schools$4,644,222

The George B Thomas Sr Learning Academy Inc$214,029

The Hearing and Speech Agency of Metropolitan Baltimore, Inc$264,631

The HJ Poist Gas Company$56,624

The K Group Architects$185,150

The Maryland School for the Blind$321,307

The Matthews Group Inc$802,961

The Middleton & Meads Co Inc$154,495

The New England Center for Children Inc$403,007

The Prophet Corporation$50,027

The Raben Group LLC$81,184

The Rockmont Motor Company Inc$106,302

The Stepping Stones Group LLC$1,484,997

The Therapy Spot LLC$1,168,965

The Tree House Inc$368,960

Think Social Publishing Inc$34,896

Thomas Somerville Co$48,855

Thompson, John$286,972

Tilley Lubricants LLC$659,356

TJ Distributors Inc$154,806

T-Mobile USA Inc$1,359,261

Tomahalk Strategic Solutions LLC$42,500

Total Kitchen Care LLC$76,259

Towson Mechanical Inc$4,477,732

Towson State University$394,450

Treatment & Learning Centers Inc$4,304,456

Tricon Chemical Corporation$100,900

Triumvirate Environment Inc$27,968

TruGreen Landcare LLC$41,771

Tseng, Paul$141,435

TSRC Inc$120,474

TT Faster LLC$39,599

Tuckman-Barbee Construction Co Inc$655,624

Tumbleweed Press Inc$44,757

Tutor Me LA LLC$6,981,920

Tyler Technologies Inc$30,900

Tyson Prepared Foods Inc$1,136,501

Uline, Inc$42,501

Unbounded Learning Inc$31,375

Unisource Services LLC$1,742,173

Unitec Distribution Systems Inc$538,865

United Electric Supply Company LLC$30,864

United Refrigeration Inc$33,241

United Rentals North America Inc$94,130

United Site Services Inc$147,200

United Solutions LLC$108,870

United States Postal Service$446,100

University of Maryland$954,847


US Modular Group East Inc$2,539,977

Varsity Brands Holding Co Inc$518,253

Vatica Contracting Inc$766,914

Venable LLP$140,061

Veritiv Operating Company$54,832

Verizon Maryland Inc$1,238,217

Verizon Wireless$550,087

Vernier Software & Technology LLC$25,379

Vincent D. Cleary Jr.$71,553

Vista Higher Learning Inc$60,917

Visual Language Associates$158,212

VMDO Architects, P.C.$1,163,121

Votenet Solutions Inc$31,822

VOYA Holdings Inc$4,021,600

VWR International LLC$68,927

W W Grainger Inc$129,250

W. W. Norton & Company, Inc.$42,239

Waldon Studio Architects & Planners PC$142,259

Walker Willis Corp$1,762,042

Wampole-Miller Inc$80,033

Washington Gas Light Company$2,676,651

Washington Music Sales Center Inc$121,475

Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission$6,325,767

Wayside Publishing$596,136

WB Waste Solutions LLC$739,803

Weather Control Inc$261,406

Weiss Bros of Hagerstown Inc$308,176

Wenger Corporation$107,509

Werres Corp$103,353

West End Service Inc$153,290

West Music Company Inc$49,452

Weyer's Floor Service Inc$526,231

WGL Energy Services Inc$16,692,402

Whitaker Brothers Business Machines Inc$132,494

White Glove Drug & Alcohol Testing Inc$66,015

Williams Scotsman Inc$394,938

Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr LLP$150,802

Wisconsin Center for Education Products and Services Inc$51,925

WJ Strickler Signs Inc$75,618

WLR Automotive Group Inc$46,566

Wonderware Inc$29,911

World Fuel Services Inc$87,726

WriteReader Inc$40,800

Xerox Corporation$214,167

Yoti N N & Associates Inc$199,551

Young Mens Christian Assc of Metropolitan Washing$229,081

Zeager Brothers Inc$137,959


Board of Education Spends $782 Million a Year on Contracts They Never See.  Many are No Bid, Some Don't Even Have Actual Written Contracts. @mocoboe (2024)
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