Dancing Queen Neon Sign (2024)

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Live out your space fantasy with this cute and stunningLed NeonSign Acrylic Artwork! This handmade neon acrylic artwork not only speaks to you visually, but also mentally.

Featuring the collab we’d never expected, yet needed between the innovative UV Printing method andNeon Acrylic, this stunningNeon Signis guaranteed to quench your thirst for space-themed decorations.

Super easy and doesn't require any installation. The acrylic backing has pre-drilled holes, and we provide the mounting kit. You can simply hang your sign like a frame, all you need is an outlet to plug your sign is ready to shine.

Our sign has a lifespan of 30 000 to 50 000 hours. it's 8 to 10 years of light if your sign is lighted 8 hours a day!

Dancing Queen Neon Sign (23)

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- Not applicable to orders placed for 3rd parties (gifts) for reasons of not liking the color, thickness, or material … except for technical errors.

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Reels Custom Returns Procedure

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Related questions about Returns / Refunds

How do I start a return?

You can reach out to care@reelscustom.com or Whatsapp +84 905836456 with your order number (e.g. order #). We’ll then be in touch to facilitate the rest.

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Proof of purchase is required to validate a return or exchange. Please include your order number (e.g. order #) or receipt in your email requesting a return. This way, we can issue a refund, store credit, or exchange that is equivalent to the original purchase price.

When will I get my refund?

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    Email: care@reelscustom.com
  • Reelscustomwill respond as quickly as possible on the day.
Dancing Queen Neon Sign (2024)
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