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Did $24B help California tackle homelessness? Audit says state has not collected sufficient data


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More Americans are claiming parents as dependents on taxes. Here's why

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Police: 5 arrested after shooting disrupts Philadelphia Eid-al-Fitr event


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Feeling the pinch? Inflation surges thanks to Biden – and Trump.


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Messi, Inter Miami knocked out of CONCACAF Champions Cup


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DJ Mister Cee, who worked with Biggie and Big Daddy Kane, dies at 57


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Tennessee Senate passes bill allowing teachers to carry guns


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Ex-NBA Slam Dunk champ 'not going to have long to live' without new kidney


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Will your Social Security check get a bump? The latest forecast.

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Latest World & National News & Headlines (2024)


What are the top five headlines today? ›

Latest News
  • Tesla Chief Elon Musk Said to Meet PM Modi in April, Announce Investment Plans.
  • Oppo A3 Pro Reportedly Spotted on China Telecom Site Ahead of Launch.
  • Advertisem*nt.
  • No Anonymous Hoardings, Warns Election Commission As Complaints Mount.
  • Switzerland To Hold Ukraine Peace Talks In June, Biden Might Attend: Report.

What's the top news in the world today? ›

  • 'There is no joy:' Palestinians mark Eid in destroyed mosques and homes, as Israel's war in Gaza rages.
  • EU Parliament approves major reforms to migration policy.
  • Zelensky says he will listen to Trump's ideas to end war in Ukraine 'with pleasure'

What's going on in the world today? ›

  • An Israeli airstrike in Gaza kills 3 sons and 4 grandchildren of Hamas' top leader. ...
  • South Korea's prime minister and top presidential officials offer to resign after election defeat. ...
  • Biden says he's considering Australia's request to drop prosecution of Wikileaks founder Assange.
9 hours ago

What are some important current events? ›

World News
  • Biden Says He Is Examining Power to Shut US Border on His Own. ...
  • UK Conservative Lawmaker Quits Party After Leaking Colleagues' Numbers. ...
  • South Koreans Vote for New Parliament After Economy, Corruption Dominate Campaign. ...
  • USAID Chief Power Sees 'Sea Change' in Assistance for Gaza, Wants More.

What are the top 10 headlines of today? ›

Top News
  • Our support depends on your actions: US prez Biden tells Israeli PM Netanyahu. ...
  • CM Vijayan asks Doordarshan to withdraw screening of 'The Kerala Story' ...
  • Kidnapping case filed against BJP MLA for 'forcing' Cong worker to join party. ...
  • MCD counts 198,000 trees in first tree census.

What news is trending in usa? ›

  • New Kit Kat-inspired doughnuts available at Krispy Kreme for limited time. ...
  • Costco's gold bars rake in up to $200 million a month: Experts. ...
  • Florida pastor killed by man who was allowed to sleep in church: Police. ...
  • 'There's an alligator!' See 8-foot gator that crawled in a Florida kitchen.

What are three current events in the news today? ›

  • $1.3 billion Powerball jackpot drawing delayed.
  • UConn returns to NCAA title game, beating Alabama.
  • Civil rights leader Cecil L. ' Chip' Murray dies.
  • Police shoot man barricaded at a shopping mall.
  • Yellen: China relations on 'more stable footing'

Which news is most popular in USA? ›

The New York Times remained the biggest newsbrand in the US by number of visits, followed by CNN, MSN, Fox News and Yahoo Finance (150.1 million visits) which knocked People out of fifth position.

What is the most read news media? ›

In December 2023, the news website with the most monthly visits in the United States was the New York Times' website, with a total of 464.4 million monthly visits to in that month. In second place was with close to 375 million visits, followed by with just over 260 million.

What is the present perfect recent events? ›

We use the present perfect to describe a recent action or ask if something has happened recently. It's often used with words like just, already, yet, still. We often use the present perfect in this case when some action or situation has an effect on the present.

What events change our lives? ›

Here are 25 life events that can cause dramatic change in your life:
  • Moving to a new city.
  • Death of one or both parents.
  • Travel to a foreign country.
  • Abuse, physical and/or emotional.
  • Falling in love (and getting married)
  • A near-death experience.
  • Catastrophic illness.
  • Divorce.
Feb 13, 2022

What are the biggest sports headlines right now? ›

  • Tigers score 4 runs in 9th inning to comeback and beat Pirates. ...
  • Salvador Perez leads Royals past Astros 4-3 for 5th straight win. ...
  • CL: Arsenal rescue 2-2 draw with Bayern, Real held at home against Man City. ...
  • Akshay Bhatia, Sahith Theegala make Indian-American golfers a big focus.

What is the most read news website in the US? ›

USA News Websites
  1. The New York Times. New York City, New York, US. ...
  2. The Huffington Post. US. ...
  3. Fox News | Breaking News Updates | Latest News Headlines. US. ...
  4. POLITICO. Washington, District of Columbia, US. ...
  5. 5. Yahoo News » Latest News & Headlines. New York City, New York, US. ...
  6. NPR News. ...
  7. Los Angeles Times. ...
  8. The Top Daily News.

What is the most read news website? ›

Top 50 news websites in the world
WebsiteVisits, Jan 2024 and bbc.com963.4m 963.4m
2msn.com642.2m 642.2m
3nytimes.com606.7m 606.7m
4cnn.com497.7m 497.7m
13 more rows
Mar 26, 2024

What is the headline title of the news? ›

The title above a story in a newspaper, magazine ornewsletter is called a headline, or "hed" ("head") in print journalism, or a "heading" in online pages.

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