Pink Runtz strain Review – Is it better than Runtz OG? (2024)

Runtz. One of the most desirable strains coming out of the weed mecca that is LA (Cookie Farm to be precise) in the last half a decade. Its overwhelming popularity has meant that securing even a tiny handful of seeds has been a downright difficult task. So, it's no wonder that breeders worldwide have been introducing this multi-cup winning strain into their own breeding schedules, with great results.

One of these offshoots is the slightly altered yet super desirable Pink Runtz. With a delectable and interesting terpene profile, a balanced 50/50 hybrid split, and huge medicinal value Pink Runtz is quickly making a name for herself as a more than worthy addition to the OG Runtz family tree.

But the burning question is - is the Pink Runtz weed strain any better than the original? Let's dive deep into the Runtz world and see what we come up with.


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Pink Runtz strain information

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THC %20%-24%
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Outdoor harvestMid October
HeightMedium: 100cm-180cm
CBD Content<1%
ClimateSub Tropical, Warm, Mediterranean
Medical ConditionsDepression, Nausea, Pain, PTSD, Stress
Seed TypeFeminized
GeneticsZkittlez x Gelato
EffectsCalming, Relaxing, Uplifting
TasteSweet, Fruity, Berry
TerpeneLimonene, Myrcene, Beta-Caryophyllene

Pink Runtz is a strain bred by the guys and gals over at CopyCat Genetics. By crossing a reversal of the OG Runtz with one of the strongest Pink Panties cultivars, CopyCat has produced a slightly larger strain than the first Runtz, and one that produces a wider range of color hues - which unsurprisingly includes more reds and pinks.

The terpene profile is dominated by caryophyllene, which is backed up by limonene and myrcene. This combo offers up a fruity, sweet cherry flavor with sour hints that can finish with a nice diesel kick. The aroma closely reflects the taste but can be even heavier on the sour notes. This strain is one of the best-tasting and smelling offerings we have seen in dispensaries in recent months and one that sells out almost as quickly as it hits the shelves.

Pink Runtz weed effects can vary, but hot damn is it fun. You know the type of bud that makes you feel like a giggly high schooler? Yep, this is that type of stuff. Perfect for stress, anxiety, and depression management - Pink Runtz offers feelings of high-flying euphoria and unadulterated pain relief with a heavy dose of full body relaxation. You'll find that your mind is free to explore new realms of creativity, and any racing or negative thoughts will be firmly pushed to the sidelines. With a total cannabinoid count of over 30% (including 1-2% CBD and CBG), you can expect this strain to offer a level of body relaxation that makes it a perfect candidate for treating any chronic pain, inflammation, muscle spasms, and joint pain.

Pink Runtz Feminized

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Is Pink Runtz strain indica or sativa?

The Pink Runtz weed strain is a 50/50 hybrid that offers the best of both worlds. You'll enjoy increased levels of focus and creativity from the Sativa side, while the Indica effects will keep your body feeling relaxed, stress-free, and pain-free. There are very few perfectly balanced hybrids on the market that are top sellers, so Pink Runtz is definitely one to look out for.

Is Pink Runtz the same as Runtz?

Simply put, nope. They are similar, but they are two completely separate strains.

While the OG Runtz and Pink Runtz obviously share some of the same characteristics, there are some marked differences. The introduction of the Pink Panties strain ensures that Pink Runtz is a bigger yielder than her predecessor, and as mentioned earlier she has a slightly wider color variation with a changed terpene profile.

The two strains also offer up different effects, with the Pink Runtz being a little more cerebral and giggly while the OG Runtz is renowned for its couch-locking body high (although Pink Runtz does offer great levels of body relaxation and pain relief).

So, which one should you choose?

If you're looking for a fun, social, and creative strain then Pink Runtz might be the one for you. If you're more in the market for a pain-relieving and relaxing Indica-dominant hybrid, then the OG Runtz is probably your best bet.

Whichever way you go, you really can't go wrong - both strains are top sellers for a reason.

What Runtz strain is the best?

To be totally honest, we aren't the biggest fans of stating which strain is "best". There are just so many factors that make up a great cannabis strain, and it's rare to find two people looking for the exact same thing. With that in mind, let's have a quick look at the top Runtz strains and what they have to offer.

Runtz OG

The original Runtz strain was named the "Leafly Strain of 2020", and also managed to steal a long list of other awards between 2019 and 2021. With THC ranges of 20 to 24% depending on environmental conditions, this strain was (and still is) one of the hardest to find strains on the planet.

Runtz offers users a euphoric and uplifting high that is perfect for managing stress, anxiety, and depression. The effects are well-balanced, making this a great strain for both day and night use. The combination of full body relaxation and mind high make this a true winner, and the effects will last for a good few hours.

Pink Runtz

Pink Runtz is one of the newer players on the block, and one of the more exciting Runtz family strains. The bright red and pink coloring combined with the ridiculously dense bud formation makes for super high bag appeal, and the terpene profile is to die for.

The total cannabinoids tops out at around 31%, with calming yet euphoric effects that are perfect for treating stress, anxiety, and depression. The high is slightly more cerebral than the Runtz OG, making it a great strain for your morning smoke, although it's a great late-night option as well.

White Runtz

Another hard-to-find strain, White Runtz is the offshoot of a collab between the Runtz and Cookies brands. Limonene is the dominant terpene here, and the flavor is much more earthy and citrus when compared to other Runtz strains.

The effects reported are very similar to Runtz OG, with a super potent kick within a few minutes of inhaling. Expect to be couch-locked for a good few hours, with a super relaxing and body-tingling response.


Gruntz is the most Indica dominant of the four, with a clear 70/30 split and topping out at 32% THC. A heavy sedative is reported, with a mix of tropical, grapefruit, and even sometimes a slightly chemical flavor. It's a real creeper, so with Gruntz, it's best to dip your toes before diving in headfirst.

Users report feelings of reduced anxiety, clearness, and a higher ability to concentrate when used in the correct dosage. If you are on the hunt for a special strain then this might be the one for you!

Pink Runtz Autoflower

Crossed with a ruderalis, Pink Runtz is now available as an autoflower. Still with its sweet and fruity flavor profile, Pink Runtz Auto flowers in as little as 6-8 weeks which means you can get your hands on those incredible buds even faster! This strain is known for its relaxing and euphoric effects, making it a popular choice among cannabis enthusiasts. It also has a short flowering time and is highly robust, making it ideal for growers looking for a quick and easy harvest.

Pink Runtz Autoflower

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Pink Runtz strain Review – Is it better than Runtz OG? (5)

Growing the Pink Runtz strain

Pink Runtz is one of the easier strains to grow, but she definitely likes slightly warmer than cooler, ambient temperatures. Expect a flowering time of 8 to 10 weeks, with moderate to high yields. She's a thirsty girl in her last few weeks, so keep a close eye on the weight of those pots and feed whenever necessary.

She works great in both indoor and outdoor settings, but if you're growing her outdoors then make sure to keep an eye on those temperature fluctuations - a few degrees lower than she likes can really mess with the end result.

The biggest issue growers face with this strain is the large number of fan leaves - she can be quite a bushy plant! Be sure to give her plenty of room to spread out, defoliate at the correct times (click here to learn everything you need to know about cannabis defoliation), and consider doing some LST (low-stress training) or SCROGing. These techniques will ensure the very best possible yield and overall bud density.

What are the effects of Pink Runtz?

Pink Runtz has a few stages. Beginning with a super heady and cerebral rush, this combines with an easy glide into a euphoric state. After an hour or so you will feel the head fog start to ease, but the ride ain't over yet. The body high can stick around for a good few hours, leaving you feeling nice and relaxed with a healthy dose of the munchies.

All in all, Pink Runtz is perfect for managing stress, anxiety, and depression. The effects are well-balanced, making this a great strain for both day and night use. The combination of full body relaxation and mind high makes this a true winner.

A very small percentage of users report some slight side effects such as a headache, overly dry eyes, and some spinning sensations but we can not report the same for us. Get the dosage right and it's hard to find a better strain on the market right now!

This is a great strain for socializing, gaming, working on creative projects, watching comedy shows, and anything else that you want to enjoy with an enhanced level of focus and enjoyment. However, we would recommend avoiding anything that requires 100% of your attention such as driving or operating heavy machinery.

How strong is Pink Runtz?

Strong enough, that's for sure. She usually tops out with a THC count of around 20-24%, and a total cannabinoid presence of over 30% when you add in everything else. Sure, she may not hit the lofty heights of Gruntz (at 32% THC), but she makes up for it in other ways.

She is a beautifully balanced strain and one that we can see staying on our shelves and in our grow rooms for a long time to come. Do yourself a favor and grab a couple of Pink Runtz seeds for your next grow, you're gonna love it.

Pink Runtz strain Review – Is it better than Runtz OG? (2024)
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