Serial Killer Guide: All Clues and Locations in Red Dead Redemption 2 (2024)

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There are a ton of mysteries inRed Dead Redemption 2 for players to discover like the UFO and the Meteors. Another one you may want to check out is the Serial Killer who is leaving traces of his crimes all around the world. To help you complete this event, use the Serial Killer Guide we’ve thrown together below.Note: this is a Stranger mission called American Dreams.

Killer Clue Piece 1 Location – Shepards Rise

To start this quest make your way to the location marked above which is just south of Wallace Station. At this location you will find a strung up dismembered body with writing beside it that says, “Do you see?”. Alongside the body on a rock nearby there is a severed head with a note inside. Take the note from the head to get the first Killer Clue, this clue is a portion of a drawing showing a location. We need to collect two more to complete it.

Killer Clue Piece 2 Location – Braithwaite Manor

You will find the Killer Clue Piece 2 at this location.
The second Killer Clue piece shows another portion of the image.

The next Killer Clue Piece can be found at a location to the east of Braithwaite Manor (go to inside the S of Meadows on map). At this location you will find a tree with the word “Behold” written on it along with a second dismembered body. Like last time we need to find the clue here. Look for another severed head to get the Killer Clue Piece 2 (on the backside of the tree from the hanging body). One more clue to find!

Killer Clue Piece 3 Location – Under Train Tracks South of Valentine

The final clue, Killer Clue Piece 3 can be found here.
When you collect Killer Piece 3 you will complete the map. The map shows a location as well as a combination.

Note: The clue at this location may not appear immediately. I had to sleep for 24 hours to get it to appear for me.

The final Killer Clue Piece we need to collect can be found south of Valentine under a small bridge of the train tracks. You will see a body hanging from the track supports with “Look on My Works” written on the rock beside it. The severed head with the final Killer Clue Piece is nailed into a support on the (furthest one west). Once you collect the final Killer Clue Piece, you will have a completed map. This map shows you a location that looks an awful lot like Lucky’s Cabin. Let’s go there now and see what we find.

What’s Inside Lucky’s Cabin’s Locked Basem*nt?

The completed clue leads us to Lucky’s Cabin. At this cabin there is a locked cellar. Open it.
Now that we have the combination, we can go into the basem*nt at Lucky’s Cabin.

When you inspect the knife in Lucky’s Basem*nt, you will be attacked by the serial killer.

Lucky’s Cabin is located just west of Valentine. When you reach the location, you will notice the house is pretty much gone, but there is a locked basem*nt. Use the code we go from the map to open the basem*nt and head inside. In the basem*nt you will find a number of corpses. To advance the story, make your way to the very end of the basem*nt and inspect the knife on the wall. When you do this a cutscene will trigger.

To complete this Stranger Mission, take the killer to the Sheriff in Valentine.

During the cutscene you are attacked by the killer. He will knock you out and you will regain consciousness on the ground. When prompted, throw the head at him to start fighting. DO NOT SHOOT HIM as you will fail the mission. Once you beat him in a fist fight you will need to hogtie him. Take him to the Sheriff in Valentine to complete the mission. For bringing the murder to justice you get $22.00.

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Serial Killer Guide: All Clues and Locations in Red Dead Redemption 2 (2024)
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