How many people pass GA real estate exam first try? (2024)

How many people pass GA real estate exam first try?

We know you have a busy life, and sometimes, it's not realistic to study for hours every day in the weeks leading up to your Georgia Real Estate licensing exam. That's okay, even just a few hours with our prep guide will mean you are able to pass your GA exam confidently – first try. Average pass rate is only 64%.

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How hard is it to pass the GA real estate exam?

How hard is the real estate exam in Georgia? The exam can be difficult, but students shouldn't feel intimidated by it. During your pre-license training, pay close attention, and take studying seriously. If you put in the necessary effort, you have a good chance of passing, even on your first attempt.

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Which state has the hardest real estate exam?

The difficulty of the real estate exam varies by state, but the California real estate exam is known to be one of the most difficult. In fact, the pass rate for the California real estate exam in the last two years was under 50%, which means it's incredibly competitive and difficult to pass.

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How many people fail in real estate?

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR) failure is defined as as those who get a real estate license and then leave the industry within the first five years. According to them, 75% of real estate agents fail within the first year, and 87% fail within five years.

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How to pass Georgia real estate exam first try?

5 Study Tips to Help You Ace Your Georgia Salesperson Exam
  1. #1: Know What's on the Georgia Test. ...
  2. #2: Talk to Someone Who Recently Took the Test. ...
  3. #3: Practice, Practice, Practice. ...
  4. #4: Focus on Your Strengths. ...
  5. #5: Don't Cram, Plan. ...
  6. Ace Your Georgia Real Estate Exam With Our Help.

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How many questions do you have to get right on the Georgia real estate exam?

The Georgia Real Estate Salesperson Examination consists of 152 total questions. To pass, you need to answer 75% of the questions correctly. The Exam is broken up into two distinct sections, the National Portion and the State-Specific portion. Students will need to pass each of these sections in order to pass the exam.

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How many questions can you miss on GA real estate exam?

How Many Questions Can You Miss on the Georgia Real Estate Exam? In Georgia, you can miss 25 questions on the national and 11 on the state and still pass the real estate exam.

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What happens if you fail the Georgia real estate exam?

If you fail the course exam, you may retake the exam one time, no sooner than one day after failing it the first time. All testing must be completed within one (1) year from the date of purchase. You may review any course material as desired as preparation for retaking the exam.

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Is the Georgia real estate exam all multiple-choice?

The Georgia Real Estate Salesperson Exam is 152 multiple-choice questions, with national and state-level questions intermixed. One hundred of the questions cover national topics, such as property ownership, property management, title transfer, and real estate and agency practices.

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What state has the easiest real estate exam?

Massachusetts. The state of Massachusetts takes gold for the easiest real estate exam. Massachusetts not only has one of the shortest pre-licensing courses, but at 120 questions, it is among the states with the shorter real estate exams.

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What is a passing score on the Georgia real estate exam?

Obtaining a License

(a) Applicants for licensure must take a Commission approved examination and make a passing score of 75 percent.

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Why do 87% of real estate agents fail?

Some of the most common factors why many real estate agents fail are unrealistic expectations, lack of budget, and not letting go of the employee mindset. Your reasons for joining the industry and how you generate leads also affect your chances of being successful.

How many people pass GA real estate exam first try? (2024)
Why do so many realtors fail?

Three common mistakes that agents make is inadequate prospecting, failing to market properties in ways that lead to fast sales, and not following up with clients. Real estate agents must be motivated because generating leads and marketing listings takes creativity and hard work.

How many realtors quit in the first two years?

You may have read online that many real estate agents fail. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) found that 75% of Realtors fail within the first year of being in the industry and 87% after five years.

What is the best way to study for the Georgia real estate exam?

Go to the Atlanta Board of Realtors and purchase a book called “How to pass the AMP real estate test”. It is full of helpful review and has numerous sample tests for you to practice. More importantly it has a section on how to read the questions correctly.

Is GA real estate license hard?

How Difficult Is It To Become a Real Estate Agent In Georgia? Earning your Georgia real estate license is challenging but doable. You'll need to complete 75 hours of pre-license education, pass your licensing exam, and clear a background check. Most candidates can complete the process in four to six months.

What is the GA real estate exam like?

There are a total of 152 national and state questions on the Georgia real estate licensing exam. Unlike some other states, Georgia doesn't separate the questions out into two different exams. The national and state questions are intermixed throughout a single test. There are 100 questions on the national topics.

Is the Georgia real estate exam open book?

No, the real estate license exam administered across different states is not open-book. In fact, there is a long list of items that candidates aren't allowed to bring to the exam room. Study guides and textbooks make the list.

How many math questions are on the real estate?

While details vary by state, you can generally expect to encounter between 150 and 200 multiple choice questions on the real estate exam. Of those, roughly 10-15% involve math, which translates to between 15 and 30 questions per exam.

How often is the Georgia real estate exam given?

The real estate exam is a requirement for licensure as a sales associate or broker in the state of Georgia, and luckily, the exam is offered on a continual basis throughout the year. It is not restricted to specific days, allowing you the flexibility to schedule your exam at almost any point in the calendar year.

What questions are on the GA real estate exam?

Topics That Are Covered in the Georgia Salesperson Exam

Real property ownership/interest (13 questions) Finance (14 questions) Real property (14 questions) Marketing regulations (purchase and rental) (10 questions)

How much is the GA real estate exam?

Cost #3: Exam Fee: $121 per attempt

The current exam fee for the sales agent license is $121 per attempt. It's a difficult test, and many people need two or even three attempts to pass it. Passing on the first try will save you time and money.

How many times can I take the Florida real estate exam?

You can take the Florida real estate licensing exam as many times as needed to pass. You just need to wait 24 hours and pay $57.75 to reschedule your test.

Who can proctor a real estate exam in Georgia?

The Georgia Real Estate Commission requires that final exams be proctored by schools or school-approved proctors (online exams only). The Georgia Real Estate Commission also requires a state examination after the completion of your school final.

What is the final exam for real estate u in Georgia?

To get your Georgia real estate salespersons license you must pass two exams. The first exam is the school's proctored final exam (taken at the end of the 75-hour Georgia pre-license course). The second exam is the proctored State exam. The school's final exam typically consists of 100 multiple-choice questions.

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