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The Laureato was Omega Planet Ocean Replica reintroduced in 2016, with a limited edition and Omega Planet Ocean Replica then a series of serial production models a few years later. This is Girard's Perregaux vision for a luxury sports watch. We covered the Girard Perregaux Laureato Absolute Omega Planet Ocean Replica Crystal Rock in a recent article. It featured a sandwich dial and a carbon-glass case. The 45th anniversary of the Laureato Swiss luxury watchmaker is being Omega Planet Ocean Replica celebrated with a limited edition 45-piece Laureato Ghost watch, created in collaboration with Bamford Watch Department, a successful watch customizer.Omega Planet Ocean Replica

Every Omega Replica Watches manufacturer that attempted to make a steel sports Omega Planet Ocean Replica watch in the 1970s should be recognized. Girard-Perregaux was the one who created the Laureato. Omega Planet Ocean Replica Girard-Perregaux was the only watchmaker to attempt this at the time (1975), after Audemars Piguet's Royal Oak in 1972. The Laureato concept was an important pillar of the brand. It featured some key attributes: a thin automatic Omega Planet Ocean Replica movement and a robust case with a textured dial. A bracelet also included made it worthy of its status as a luxury sports watch.Omega Planet Ocean Replica

Girard-Perregaux omega replica has been known to play about with different shapes Omega Planet Ocean Replica - the tetradecagonal-shaped bezel of its Deep Diver watch in the 1960s, for example. While the Laureato Ghost is faithful to its familiar mix of a circular shaped dial with an Omega Planet Ocean Replica octagonal face, this new case uses a mixture of materials. It's made from white ceramic. Bamford Watch Department, a luxury watch customization partner, admits that it has never used the material before. George Bamford, the founder of BWD, is excited to take on a new challenge with the Swiss brand. Instead, the Omega Planet Ocean Replica signature black colour is found in the baton hands and inner flange. This unisex colour code is paired with a white Clous de Paris dial, which results in a 38mm case diameter that is Omega Planet Ocean Replica very wearer-friendly.

This new 45th Replica Watches anniversary ghost-like design retains the same Omega Planet Ocean Replica aesthetic as the original Laureato. It has a dial with luminescent material in its hands and hour markers for night time timekeeping. The sapphire crystal front's anti-glare properties Omega Planet Ocean Replica help to make it easy to see features such as the date aperture at three o'clock in the daytime. The Laureato Ghost's white ceramic case has many benefits for everyday wristwatches. It's stain and scratch-resistant. Secondly, it's Omega Planet Ocean Replica hypoallergenic. It is lighter than titanium in weight. Its smooth, polished surface is in keeping with the sheen-like finish of precious and stainless metal materials Girard-Perregaux Omega Planet Ocean Replica used in the past Laureato watches