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The crime scene with the "LOOK ON MY WORKS" graffiti and a treasure map stuffed in a decapitated head is the first time many players will encounter the clues to the mission, American Dreams, a Strangers Side Quest about a serial killer in Red Dead Redemption 2. This page contains a map to all murder scenes and a Walkthrough for the American Dreams mission.

There are three Murder Scenes to find in Red Dead Redemption 2, each with a portion of a map shoved in the decapitated head's mouth. This is a graphic mission, so be ready to see that going forward.


With three pieces of the map revealed, you can head to the killer's hidden bunker. First things first, though, you'll need to visit the first map location. This mystery starts in Valentine.

Valentine Murder Scene

Ride or walk south of the town, following the train tracks. Once you get close to the corpse you're looking for, a white flashing marker will appear on your map. If you pause, you'll see a marker for a corpse. If you for some reason don't have this pop up on your map, try looking agin in the evening.

As you approach, spooky music plays and some satiated birds fly off. They've had their fill on the hanging torso. If you approach from the north, walk under the train tracks and turn around toward Valentine to take in the full scene. The words "Look On My Works" are scribbled on the rocks next to the bridge.

To the west of the hanging corpse is the missing head. Approach it, and you'll be able to collect the first of three map pieces that'll lead you to the killer. Now, onto the next location.

Big Valley Murder Scene

If you find yourself riding southwest of Wallace Station in West Elizabeth, you may see another corpse marked on your map. This is it. The next murder scene. Cross south of the river in one of its slower points, or take the trail west of Wallace Station the long way around.

You'll find this corpse strung up in a similar fashion to the first, though it's not so high up. The words "Do You See?" are written next to the largest chunk of the body on a boulder.


You'll find the head on the large boulder next to the hanging corpse. Inspect the head to get the next piece of the puzzle. The third and final hanging corpse is a long way from this location.

Scarlett Meadows Murder Scene

The third and final corpse can be found in the southern part of Lemoyne. Ride east of Braithwaite Manor to find the scene. It's even easier to spot in the dark. The scene is illuminated by a single lantern.

The killer has stopped requesting us to do things, and is now presenting. The word "Behold" is written on the tree to the right of the hanging torso. The succinct message makes for a fitting end to their trail with the third and final piece of the map present in this location.

You'll find the decapitated head on the other side of the tree. Take the final piece of the map to see your vague instructions to find this killer. The back of the map even challenges you to do so.

Serial Killer Map Solution

Please scroll down if you'd like the answer to this map outright, but if you want some hint uncovering the mystery of the map instead, scroll slowly.

The killer included very little information about his whereabouts on the map. The first point, the bridge, indicates that you'll need to leave the location where you found the third corpse. The trees shown on the drawn map don't match the ones growing in Lemoyne, suggesting it's safe to leave the state. You'll want to instead head into New Hanover. There are only a few abandoned shacks in New Hanover, but one in particular comes to mind.

Ride toward Valentine. Now that you have the map finished, RDR2 will do you a favor and highlight the area in a Stranger circle.


There's only one building that fits the drawing here: Lucky's Cabin. Ride out to the cabin that's just off the trail.

Once you arrive, your horse may be scared away. There are lots of snakes slithering around the cabin, so don't be surprised. Instead, approach the cellar door. Arthur will remember the code on the map so you don't have to. Enter the spooky cellar. When inside, be sure to inspect everything and take what you want. Once you leave, you cannot return.

Inspecting the knife sticking out of a corpse in the back of the cabin triggers the next event: Arthur's encounter with the killer. During this event, you cannot shoot the serial killer or you will fail the mission. Instead, watch for the button prompt to surprise Arthur's attacker then knock him out in a fist fight.

With the murderer down, you can hogtie him and load him on the back of your horse. Ride into Valentine and deliver him to the sheriff.

When prompted, place the man in front of the sheriff's desk. Arthur will explain all he knows about the killer to the sheriff. As the sheriff takes the man to his cell, the man whips around in a frenzy and, while barking some strange noise, attacks the sheriff. Whip out your pistol and use Dead Eye to kill the insane man attacking the sheriff. If you're too slow, the sheriff will take care of the issue himself. You will not be rewarded if that happens.

With the madman dead, the sheriff will thank you for your help and awards Arthur $20. Case closed.

"Look Upon My Works" Serial Killer (American Dreams Stranger Mission)

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"Look Upon My Works" Serial Killer (American Dreams Stranger Mission) - Red Dead Redemption 2 Guide - IGN (2024)
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