Red Dead Redemption 2 Serial Killer Mystery Guide (2024)

In Red Dead Redemption 2 there’s a serial killer committing murders and leaving mutilated corpses in the wilderness for you to find.The serial killer has left behind clues to his whereabouts at the scene of each murder. In this guide we’ll go through all RDR2 serial killer map clue locations so you can solve this mystery.

There are 3 murder scenes to be precise. Each one contains a dead body and a piece of a map. Finding all 3 map pieces gives you a complete map that points to the killer’s hideout. This also triggers the stranger mission “American Dreams“. Let’s go through all 3 clue locations first. It doesn’t matter in what order you find them! They are still available after the story as well (the earliest chance is in Chapter 2).

Red Dead Redemption 2 Serial Killer Clue #1

The first serial killer clue is found south of Wallace Station (south-west of Valentine). There’s a rock with the remains of a torso hanging on it. To the left of this body, you can find a decapitated head on top of a smaller stone. Stuck in the head is the piece of a map, which is your first of three clues. The location of the head is circled in red in the image below.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Serial Killer Clue #2

The second murder clue is to be found under a bridge south of Valentine. A body is hanging under the bridge. A head (circled in red in image below) is pierced into the bridge. As before, investigate the head. Stuck into its eye is the 2nd piece of the torn serial killer map. Just one more piece left!

Red Dead Redemption 2 Serial Killer Clue #3

Our final clue is under a big tree, east of Braithwaite Manor, where the letter “S” of the word “Meadows” is on the map. From the tree hangs a body. From where the body hangs, look behind the tree and you’ll find the third head is stuck into the tree. Pull out the last murder mystery map piece from the head.

Pieced Together Serial Killer Map

The 3 map pieces make one full map. You can view it in the Satchel under Documents > Maps. It only shows you a depiction of a burned-down house and a hatch. On the back of the map (it can be flipped) the killer is challenging you to find him. Let’s pay him a visit!

Refer to the solution below for the serial killer location.

Serial Killer Location

Now that you have pieced together the map, a new Stranger Mission markerwill show up south-west of Valentine at Lucky’s Cabin. You have to get really close for the white marker to show up (see image below)!

Once you’re there, go to the burned-down hut (at the top left corner of the white search radius). It’s also outlined on your world map. At the hut you can find a hatch. Open the hatch and enter the cellar below.

Down there you can find two letters on a table. The letters are from the serial killer’s mother. Read both of them. Here we learn the killer’s name is Edmund.

Next up, head around the corner in the basem*nt, just next to where you read the letter. It’s pitch-black so it’s hard to make out the path, but since this area is very small you should be able to find it. If you have already unlocked the lantern, select it in the weapon wheel to make a light. Behind the corner you find another mutilated body with a knife sticking out of it (circled in red below). Pick up the knife. Now the serial killer, Edmund, will show up and punch you from behind.

Catching the Red Dead Redemption 2 Serial Killer

Edmund thinks he got us trapped and wants to make us his next victim. Well, he failed to realize that Arthur is a badass Gunslinger. Arthur throws a decapitated head in the killer’s face and gets up from the floor. Now we’re in a melee fight with the killer. He has a knife so be sure to dodge the attacks and knock him out with your bare hands.

Once done, hogtie him and put him on your horse. Then bring him to the Sheriff’s Office in Valentine. Drop him off at the Sheriff’s desk. He tries to put him in a cell. Our serial killer reveals that his full name is “Edmund Lowry Jr.”. Just as the Sheriff is about to put him in a cell, he turns around, leaps onto theSheriff and tries to bite him.

All that’s left here is to save the Sheriff. A bullet to Edmund’s head will do the trick. You can use Dead-Eye if you must. The serial killer dies.

The Valentine Sheriff thanks you for your work (and for saving him) and awards you with some money. He gave me $22 but this may also vary slightly depending on your honor level (it should be around $20). It’s not super much for the amount of work but a nice little secret activity. That solves the whole murder mystery! It also completes the Stranger Mission “American Dreams“, which started when we went to catch the killer. All done!

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Red Dead Redemption 2 Serial Killer Mystery Guide (2024)
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